When deciding on a Shopify Plus with eCommerce platform, online merchants must consider factors other than revenue and customer acquisition.

However, the following are the most common eCommerce issues that must be addressed:

    • Integration across several channels. 
    • Customer retention and engagement. 
    • Search Engine Optimization. 
    • Expansion and Scalability. 
    • Conversion enhancement. 
    • Security, among other things.

This is when Shopify Plus comes into play. Shopify Plus is a perfect option for large and expanding online businesses, developed by Shopify professionals to satisfy high-volume company requirements.

What exactly is Shopify Plus, and why should you use it?
Shopify Plus is a fully hosted corporate eCommerce platform for fast-growing businesses and companies. While Shopify is designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus is designed for large organizations.

Shopify Plus includes professionally designed complex applications. It also includes additional API calls, SDKs, and App Store-exclusive deals. Furthermore, you can integrate your store with your preferred accounting, CRM, and ERP software, making it an ideal eCommerce platform for your company.

What services does Shopify Plus provide?
Shopify Plus supports both additional and fully new functionality.

    • Uptime of 99.97%. 
    • Products abound.
    • The SaaS-based eCommerce platform is highly scalable and trustworthy.
    • Priority customer service. 
    • Check the custom domain.
    • Technical assistance and account management are completely focused.

Why Should You Switch to Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus has discount functionality that allows you to produce multiple discount codes for free shipping discounts, product bundles, tiered pricing, and more. You may categorize the discounted collections, goods, or variations based on the duration/date and the coupon validity. This allows you to design personalized business logic for your eCommerce shops.

High Order Volume Per Minute – 
Many eCommerce shops struggle to handle massive traffic increases around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, flash deals, and other holidays. You could easily handle enterprise-level traffic with Shopify Plus. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of sales volume, items, or bandwidth that your business must handle owing to strong demand.

High-Level Security – 
Shopify Plus provides Level 1 PCI DSS compliance across the platform, implying that the security responsibility is on Shopify. Furthermore, you will obtain unique SSL certificates throughout your shopping experience.

Massive Integrations –
Shopify Plus is well-known for its ability to seamlessly interface with a variety of platforms. It also has a large app marketplace with a variety of Shopify Plus apps to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences.

The Big Idea – 
With such fantastic capabilities, Shopify Plus appears as one of the greatest options for developing an eCommerce business. Enterprise customers’ needs are frequently distinct from those of typical consumers since they seek increased company capabilities as well as a better customer experience.

Shopify Plus provides everything your online business needs to manage a full-volume store, from $0 transaction fees to increased discounting and multi-currency payments. As a result, businesses may have their online stores built on this platform or have existing ones moved to it with the assistance of specialists.

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