Business Partnerships

partnerships offer a powerful solution

businesses need every advantage to thrive

  • Reduced Risk and Cost
  • Improved Agility and Adaptability
  • Enhanced Long-Term Sustainability

In today's competitive landscape, businesses need every advantage to thrive. Partnerships offer a powerful solution for expanding your reach, expertise, and offerings without the heavy investment of developing everything from scratch. At Parkhya Solution, we are your trusted partner in crafting successful white label partnerships that unlock new opportunities and fuel your business growth.

White Label Partnership

We offer white label partnership program for enterprises who have projects related to eCommerce stores development, mobile applications development, Shopify apps development, web development and digital marketing etc. As per this partnership model, you can outsource your projects to our company and hand-over all project management hassles to us. Once the project is ready, you can rebrand it and deliver to the clients!

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Reseller Partnership

We also offer reseller partnership program where you can take the advantage of our established reputation and portfolio to expose it to your prospect clients and gain their IT projects or sell our services. You will earn a share of the revenue as your referral bonus!

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Outsourcing Partnership

We have a very strong team with highly experienced and professional designers and developers. So, if your company has a project and want to carry on its execution at your site, then you can hire our team on contract basis for a definite period of time and get the work done fast and efficiently!

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What our Clients Say

Parkhya has been very responsive and great about getting the work done on time. The project is taking longer than originally expected but that is my fault not his. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional, affordable freelancer.

Mark Zikiye, (Unied States)
Customer Review

Parkhya built my iOS mobile app as requested. Very diligent in communication and easily reachable. Willing to make continuous updates as requested and I am pleased with the final result. Would work with team again.

Garrett Houghton, (New York)

Parkhya, It has been great working with you. Your patience and willingness to go the extra mile is commendable. All of your efforts to complete my apps are appreciated. This process has taken a lot longer than I expected. Nonetheless, the apps are done. Great job!

Carla McVea, Merrillville, (United State)
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Our Services

From machine learning algorithms to predictive modelling, we harness AI's transformative potential.

Build your online presence with our bespoke Ecommerce Solutions that drive engagement and boost your bottom line.

Connect, analyse, and innovate with our IoT Solutions.

Delivering scalable, secure and precisely aligned software solutions for your enterprise, ensuring 360 degree excellence.

Building the backbone of your digital infrastructure with robust API development, ensuring connectivity, scalability, and efficiency.

Innovative mobile solutions tailored for your brand, merging functionality with intuitive design to engage users on the go.

Access a dedicated team of experts aligned with your goals, ensuring focused support and expertise for your project's success.

Crafting immersive user experiences through intuitive design and seamless interfaces.

Optimise your development lifecycle with our DevOps expertise, streamlining processes for faster, more reliable software delivery and deployment.

Leveraging data-centric digital marketing strategies to propel expansion and enhance visibility.