Shopify New Features & Updates 2022

Shopify New Features & Updates 2022

There used to be few and far routes to success for retail business owners. The choices were as clear-cut as they were constrained: start a physical store or sell on an online marketplace. Only a few handfuls could afford the expensive process. However, the purpose of Shopify was to remove obstacles for retailers and make the seemingly impossible attainable. All people may start their businesses thanks to Shopify’s first offering, the Online Store. The global D2C phenomena and the disruption of online commerce as we know it were both brought about by this internet-native strategy. And they’re ready to alter commerce’s appearance once more.

By providing business owners with a direct route to customers, Shopify helped to establish the D2C movement. They are now creating countless avenues for entrepreneurs to expand their firms. Summer ’22 Edition, which features more than 100 product updates, demonstrates the pace of innovation as well as the breadth and depth of what has been created in terms of online shops, offline experiences, Web3, social commerce, checkout, and a whole lot more. 

  • B2B on Shopify

Opening up a big market to independent retailers Consumer connection takes place in a variety of contexts. When retailers collaborate with other companies to offer wholesale, a world of possibility opens up. How big is that chance, exactly? Numerous times more untapped income than D2C*, in the billions. For this reason, B2B is being introduced on Shopify.

B2B on Shopify enables Shopify Plus merchants to sell to other companies on the same platform they use for D2C transactions with ease. Spreadsheets, one-time invoicing, and manual data input are no more.

B2B on Shopify offers wholesale clients of a merchant a comparable online store experience that they know consumers appreciate, but it is tailored for corporate buyers with capabilities that make it easier to buy goods in bulk.

  • Tokengated commerce

Reimagining community commerce with NFTs

These days, NFTs are a hot topic. According to Shopify, activating NFTs is more thrilling than selling them. Enter Shopify’s token-based commerce. Shopify business owners have already created fervent groups and devoted followers of their brand. One of the nicest aspects of being an entrepreneur is this. By granting NFT holders unique access to goods, benefits, and experiences, tokengated commerce now provides a fundamentally novel approach to strengthen such bonds and reward real fans and VIPs.

  • Twitter Shopping

Turning conversations into commerce

Because independent retailers could interact with Twitter’s hundreds of millions of users, Shopify is the first e-commerce platform to collaborate with Twitter as it expands its Twitter Shopping ecosystem.

In today’s digital Townsquare, retailers can approach customers straight from their Twitter profiles by using Shopify’s new Twitter sales channel. This eliminates friction in the purchasing process. The possibilities for businesses to engage in social commerce is still expanding. In the first quarter of 2022, orders placed with Shopify merchants through partner integrations doubled year over year.

Twitter Shops and Shop Spotlight, two of Twitter’s shopping capabilities, are now free for any Shopify U.S. businesses doing business with Americans.

  • Tap to Pay on iPhone

Making offline commerce easier than ever

the first e-commerce platform to collaborate with Stripe to introduce Tap to Pay on the iPhone in the United States. Tap to Pay on iPhone is now in early access with a few select Shopify point-of-sale merchants and will be completely accessible in the United States in the upcoming months.

Shopify experts have made it easier for Shopify businesses to enter the physical retail market for the first time by implementing Tap to Pay on iPhone without the need for additional hardware or expenditure.

  • Local Inventory on Google

Turning browsers into local buyers

Nearly all American shoppers have looked for local companies online, and more than a third of the search many times each week, according to Shopify.

With the introduction of local inventory sync on Google, which is accessible via Shopify’s Google channel, those searches are about to get significantly better. Shopify sellers may now instantly alert customers in the area when a product is available in-store. It has never been more convenient to buy locally.

Local inventory sync on Google is accessible to all businesses utilising the point-of-sale app from Shopify via the Google channel.

  • Shopify Functions

A radical step forward for building commerce experiences on Shopify

Frequently, what people can’t see is what works the actual magic. Shopify Functions demonstrates this. For the first time, they are enabling developers to add new code to or modify Shopify’s backend functionality. With the help of Functions, developers can now customise Shopify’s commerce experiences like never before.

And that’s just some of the new stuff. 

  • Shopify Audiences is a new marketing tool that helps Shopify Plus merchants find new customers.
  • Shop Promise, a new badge for merchant storefronts and channels that guarantees two-day delivery, plus gives full ownership of brand and customer data. 
  • Shopify Markets is a cross-border commerce hub that makes global selling the default for our merchants.
  • Dovetale makes it easy for merchants to grow their business using influencer and affiliate marketing. 
  • Pre-orders and expanded selling plans, making it possible to offer more things customers crave, like try-before-you-buy. 
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen, Shopify’s stack for headless commerce. Hydrogen provides the tooling to accelerate headless storefront builds, and Oxygen is our globally distributed hosting solution for Hydrogen storefronts. 
  • New developer tools, invite even more innovation on Shopify. 

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