How to Add Schema Tags To Your Shopify Website

Schema tags with Shopify Experts

The most visited websites have one thing in common. They all have the same markup language that is Schema tags markup. This markup language is found on all high-end websites. It makes it much easier for Google to understand your content and when to show it in search. 

So why isn’t everyone using it? Because many people may not know about its significance or they simply have no idea how to add this to their sites.

In this blog, we will show you how to add this schema markup to your Shopify website. But let’s first dissect what schema markup is and why every website must add this.

What is Schema markup?, otherwise known as ‘structured data’, is a way of adding rich snippets of information to your website. These rich snippets can be seen in the search engine results pages and appear when the search engine users are looking at search results. The rich snippets provide search engines with information like the product price and a link to the page. Rich snippets will also bring your website up in the search engine rankings which is a benefit that any business owner will want to take advantage of.

In most simple words, they help search engines figure out what your website is about and rank your website accordingly. 

The importance of Schema tags

Schema markup is important for every website because it helps search engines get a better understanding of the content on your website. Currently, Google’s algorithm includes a number of factors in its ranking decisions and schema markup is one of them. It provides more information about parts of websites that are difficult for computers to read, such as on/off images and headers for sections.

Ultimately, the main goal for all websites is to help users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. This requires a search engine to be able to quickly analyze a page, determine what it’s about, and present those results.

On the flip side, since online retailers have increased the time they spend searching for products and services online, they need to be sure that their products and services are easily found when people look for them. While there are many factors that determine how well your website ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs), schema markup can significantly improve your chances of showing up early in the SERPs.

For instance, including schema markup on your site can help Google better understand that you have an online store and provide potential customers with vital information such as product categories, images of the products you sell, price ranges, or addresses.

How to add Schema to a Shopify website?

You can add schema tags to your Shopify website manually or by using plugins.

Manual Addition of the Schema Tag

Log in to your Shopify website
Navigate to “Online Store”

Under the Online Store, click on “Themes”

In the live theme section, click on “Action” and select “Edit Code”

Here, depending upon what type of schema you are using, you have to add the schema to the corresponding .liquid file. For instance, If you want to add a product schema tag you will then need to go to product. liquid which can be found under Templates. Now, you can paste the schema code at the top of the file under the “Head” section.

Using Apps

There are many SEO apps that you can use to make this task easier. Smart SEO and Schema Plus SEO are 2 of the popular apps that you can try.

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