Optimize your website by implementing proper functionality

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Many eCommerce business owners only focus on how their website designs, looks, and feels. They forget the importance of website functionality. 

Small add-ons on your website that slow down Website navigation and load time of page can become time-consuming and irritating. Instead of losing your website visitors, try to stay on top with the following suggestions.

Select reliable Webhosting services

Web-Hosting-ServicesEnsure that you have selected a web host that does not down for a long time. It is normal if your website downs once in a while. However, if this is a constant problem, you are losing money, time, and visitors. If you spend a lot of money advertising your website, ensure reliable hosting services for your website. If your website down consistently, it is unlikely that visitors will come back again. Avoid this issue by selecting reliable hosting services. 

Steer clear of free hosting services. Display advertisements provided by free hosting services throughout your web designs can interfere with the functionality. It is irritating for visitors to spot inappropriate content in ads. 

Ensure your website works in all major browsers

website works in all major browsersMake sure that your website works and displays in all major browsers correctly. It is a disappointment when someone likes using Google Chrome, but the website runs only in Firefox. If you are unsure how to design and code your website in a way that helps it display in all browsers, hire a professional or website design and development company. Simple mistakes such as this can downgrade your website.

Remove dead Links & incompatible coding errors.

Make sure that all of the links are working on your website. Dead links should be fixed or eliminated. No one wants to keep clicking links that are not working. The same thumb rule goes for incompatible coding. Remove malfunctioning to prevent error messages from displaying.

Ensure sign-up functionality working properly 

All of the features on your website should be working appropriately. Any add-ons such as sign-up forms for newsletters or contact forms should be functioning. Before letting your website go live, ensure that you test these forms to ensure that they are in working order. Always add a message once the visitor signed up for a newsletter or you have received their contact.

Avoid running the website on flash.  

Most fancy web designers feel that running a flash website will make it more appealing, but it irritates. Flash loading time is higher, and if the visitor doesn’t have the newest player downloaded, visitors can’t even view your website. Keep your website easy to load and navigate!

Content is the heart of a website, but functionality must be evident in your design. Use the simple suggestions acknowledged in this blog to help you build a website that your visitors will like. Always keep in mind that navigation and simple design are the keys to your success!

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