How to integrates the Shopify blog with your eCommerce website?

We are entirely in the middle of the content marketing era. Blogging covers a vast part of content marketing strategy. It provides a way to drive traffic and sales to your eCommerce website. We have seen various posts, blogs, and articles on the web. There are blogging platforms like Blogspot and other CMS platforms like WordPress. You can integrate these CMS with Shopify or as an external blog to drive visitors to convert to a sale. Let’s discuss how to integrates the Shopify blog with your eCommerce website?

Shopify Blogging Shopify Blogs are free, quick, and easy to get started.  Shopify embedded capabilities like inserting images and video, a visual editor, automatic SEO for the title and description, ability to schedule posts in the future, comments, and tags.It will be plenty to meet your eCommerce website needs. 

Shopify blog makes it easy to:

  • Start readers on the Websites and keep them on with subscribe and follow options.  
  • Manage an organised semblance between your Websites and blog It looks like different website pages with the same look and feel. 
  •  Maintain and update the content on the website with only one admin tool.  

How can you turn on Shopify Blog?

How can you turn on Shopify Blog?

You can activate the Shopify blog by the Admin panel. Select Online store from the left menu bar in the Admin area in the sub-menu click on the Blog Posts option. Now, in the Manage blog, click the button Add Blog. Give your blog a nice name, and then add it to your Site’s navigation bar.

You can customise your blog design through the Shopify site’s design theme or by using liquid code. 

You can manage multiple blogs on the Single Shopify website. By using this option, you can segment information according to customer’s interests.  

Content Management

  • Like other blogging platforms, by integrating Shopify apps with your blog, You can share and explore your blog post. 
  • Shopify allows managing comments on blog posts. You can disable Comments, keep them in moderation, or enabling publish automatically. You have to publish one blog post before enabling or disabling comments. 
  • You can schedule your blog post on a specific date. It will help to align information with a particular promotion or event. You can also backdate a blog post. 

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