How to Build E commerce Web Store for Your Business with Shopify?

How to Build E commerce Web Store for Your Business with Shopify?

Ecommerce sales are expecting to increase by 17.5% of retail sales worldwide in 2021! Despite this stunning figure, more than half of the worldwide businesses do not have a website

Whether you are looking to own an eCommerce store or you have already owned a physical store and taking your first step into the online world, here, you will get complete information to build an online store from start to finish.


How to use Shopify to build an Online Store?

 Build E commerce Web Store

Shopify is a leading eCommerce website building platform where you can set up your online store without needing advanced tech skills and coding knowledge. What do you need? Just a great business idea!

Shopify platform is easy to use. You can create a fully-fledged eCommerce store.      

Shopify Plans started from $29-$299/month. You will get more than 50 modern themes with strong inventory management, email marketing, and sales tools.        

You can also subscribe for 14 days free trial on Shopify to test this Website builder. Once you have satisfied with the free trial, you need to signup for the right plan. For small stores, a lower rate plan may be suitable. However, there is no product limit in any Shopify plan.  

Choose the right Domain Name for your store. 

Domain Name for your store.

A Good domain name helps establish your brand name and a key to launching an online store. A domain name is a keyword or phrase in a URL that identifies your store name. You can buy a domain name through Shopify, or you can use other platforms to purchase.      

If you already own a domain name, you can link or transfer it to Shopify.

Pick Ecommerce Template For Your Online Business

shopify developement in india

The template makes your website looking good. You will get over 50 well-designed templates according to your product category. With these templates(Or themes), you can make your website perfect without a design expert. 

How do you select a good theme or template?

  • Choose a theme that matches your business and products. What features do you need in the online store? Think about it! Featured templates are available in Shopify. Narrowing down the options can help you to filter that perfectly suits your business need.     
  • The style of the homepage plays an important role. The homepage is the first page that looks like your shop window. It should be exactly able to tell from one glance about your business. 
  • Navigation in your online store should be smooth, which lets your customer navigate easily around your website.  

Customize your website template

Once you have chosen the template, go to your store admin panel and start customizing the template.  Customizing includes: 

  • Changing text size and fonts 
  • Color scheme
  • Adding images
  • Positioning of Products
  • Features & Embedding Social Media

Add your Products 

 E commerce Template For Your Online Business

Adding products is very easy by using Shopify. You need to select Products from the admin panel. Now, in the Add product option, you can add Product Name, Price, Category, Images, and product description. 

Write a convincing product description that describes your product features and benefits to the shoppers. Insert Keywords related to products that help to rank your website on google. The higher the rank, the more traffic you get. 

Use high-quality products image. Try to take original photos of your products with the 360-degree option. Add product variation images with the zoom option.

Creating product categories makes it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for, includes accessories, new arrivals, etc.

Add price range, featured tag, extra information, and filtering option provides clarity. It helps the customer to select the product according to their needs.    

Payment Method

After adding products, the next task will be adding a suitable payment method. Shopify makes this easy for you. 

There are three most popular ways to accept payment 

  • Merchant account and payment gateway
  • Payment gateway packages 
  • Simplified credit card payment processing.

You can select any payment method according to your customer demographics and store need.

Simplified credit card payment processing.

Online shoppers worried about security in online payment. You can easily take away their worries to make your site secure by just adding SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificates. SSL encrypts all user data and creates a secure online shopping experience. It will benefit your store with a safe shopping and getting a higher ranking reward from google. 


The next step will be setting up the Shipping option. It makes sure you can deliver products. Shopify comes with 4 Shipping options 

  • Dropshipping
  • Shipping Management tools 
  • Printable Shipping labels
  • Pre-setup shipping provider.

Shopify Dropshipping Apps

You will have to add a separate shipping origin address to ensure correct rates and taxes. Rate varies according to countries and region. Your Shopify admin page will show which zone you ship to with shipping rates.

Once you have set up the shipping address and rates, now select different shipping options.

After getting a domain name, customizing the theme, adding products, setting up a payment method, and Shipping, You are nearly to launch your online store.  

But before launching, it is important to preview and test the website. Check all functionality of your online store to make sure that you satisfy your customer’s needs.

Shopify Experts

Shopify provides free tutorials and courses by the industry’s leading instructors worldwide. That will help you start and grow your online business. You can also find Shopify Expert focused on making an online store and helps to grow your business.



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